Fully Automatic Probe Tester

Purpose:The HF-5020 probe tester is designed for conducting load-conductivity-stroke curve tests on various types of probes, including antenna pins, probes, probe connectors, spring pins, double-headed probes
Product Details

Product Details

1. Product Description:
The probe tester is mainly used for testing the (load-conductivity-stroke) curves of various antenna pins, probes, probe connectors, spring pins, double-headed probes, environmentally friendly probes, mobile phone probes, charging dock probes, test probes, antenna pins, etc. The machine utilizes Windows-based Chinese interface for easy and convenient operation. All data, including test conditions, load curve charts, test results, inspection reports, etc., can be stored. 

The machine features high-precision motor drive, providing accurate (load-conductivity-stroke) measurements and precise button and switch curve tests.

2. Specifications:
- Load Capacity: 2000gf
- Minimum Resolution: 0.01gf
- Stroke Measurement: 150mm
- Minimum Displayed Stroke: 0.01mm
- Measurement Speed Range: 0~300mm/min
- Machine Drive Mechanism: Ball screw
- Machine Drive: Motor drive
- Machine Dimensions: 440*340*560 (W*D*H) mm
- Machine Weight: 31kg
- Power Supply: 220V
- Dynamic Conductivity Function: 0-3000 milliohms

3. Main Functions and Features:
3.1 Main Functions:
- Test conditions can be set via computer and stored. Settings can be selected from drop-down menus or entered directly.
- Peak Force Return, Force, Distance, and Click rates can be directly displayed on the graph without manual calculation.
- Measurement curves are stored in the computer's memory, can be enlarged or reduced at any time, and multiple curves can be placed on a single A4 paper.
- Test items can input upper and lower specification values, and the test results can be automatically judged as OK or NG.
- Test data is stored on the hard disk (each data can be stored without limitation).
- Inspection report headers can be modified at any time (in Chinese or English).
- Inspection reports can be automatically generated without further input.
- Inspection reports can be converted into Excel, Word, and other document formats.

3.2 Features:
1. Overload protection for the instrument.
2. Emergency stop device, upper and lower stroke limit device.
3. Software-set parameter value upper limit protection.

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