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Company Introduction:

  Jiangsu Ligao Testing Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing quality testing equipment, including mechanical, packaging, temperature chamber, image measuring, electronic wire endurance, and furniture testing equipment. Situated in Jiangsu Province, we prioritize customer satisfaction and technical excellence, serving industries such as polymer materials, electronics, and textiles. Our clientele includes renowned companies like 3M and Daikin.

  Established in Suzhou in 2003, we focus on R&D to offer high-precision equipment. Our production base in Suzhou handles domestic sales and after-sales service. Committed to innovation, we aspire to be a leading manufacturer in China. With expertise in software, hardware, and mechanical design, supported by a skilled team, advanced facilities, and a strong marketing network, we ensure product excellence.

  Our philosophy of continuous innovation and excellence, combined with modern management practices and a dedicated workforce, ensures reliable quality assurance. We prioritize customer needs and strive for industrial advancement.

¡ï Trusted by diverse users and markets for our exceptional products and services.
¡ï Committed to technological leadership and quality, with customer satisfaction as our priority.
¡ï Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch products and services, eager to collaborate with you for mutual success.

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