Servo Computerized Universal Material Testing Machine (5 Tons)

Purpose:This machine adopts a floor-standing mainframe structure, imported all-digital AC servo speed control system and motor, imported force sensor, imported photoelectric encoder, and a fully digitalized measurement and control system,
Industry:Metrology and quality inspection; Textile and synt
Product Details

Product Details
HF-9007S Servo Computerized Universal Material Testing Machine

1.Load Capacity: 5000KG (50KN)
2.Load Options: Selectable from within 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000kg
3.Instrument Accuracy: Grade 0.5 (With Certificate)
4.Force Measurement Range: 0.1%—100% FS
5.Force Control Speed Range: 0.02-FS /S
6.Relative Error of Force Control Speed: Within ±0.5% of set value
7.Force Display Resolution: 1/200000 of the applied force (Resolution remains constant throughout the range)
8.Displacement Accuracy: Within ±0.5% (Displacement resolution: 0.001mm)
9.Relative Error of Displacement Display: Within ±0.5% of displayed value
10.Displacement Resolution: 0.025μm
11.Displacement Speed Control Accuracy: Within ±0.5% of set value
12.Effective Test Space: 450 × 400 mm
13.Crosshead Travel: Approximately 800mm
14.Power System: Japanese Panasonic servo AC motor with variable frequency drive and worm gear and worm wheel reducer. Low noise, high efficiency.
15.Control System: 0.1~500 mm/min
16.Power Supply: 220 V, 50HZ suitable for laboratory working environment
17.Machine Dimensions: Approximately 280kg, 980×660×2100 MM (Length * Width * Height)
18.Display System: Professional mechanical testing and control software compatible with genuine WIN10/11 Home Edition system.

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