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i.Corporate Vision
Building a high-quality brand in the Chinese testing machine industry

ii.Corporate values
Customer value: Customer success is the result of our actions!
Adhere to the promise: The quality of Li Gao people is fundamental!
Gratitude and dedication: Gratitude leads to happiness, and dedication leads to rewards!
Simple happiness: Only a simple life can bring happiness! A happy life is full of power!

iii.Corporate culture
Execution culture: No reason, no excuse, no impossibility, everything is result oriented!
Sanxin Culture: Appreciate yourself, appreciate others, appreciate the enterprise!
Honesty culture: Honesty comes first, sincerity is the foundation!
Team Culture: Although we come from different places, we pursue the same dream, mission, voice, trust and appreciate each other, and work together to form a wolf like team that is invincible and invincible!

iv.Corporate philosophy

1. Quality Commitment:Quality is our foundation for success.
2. Customer-Centric Service:We prioritize customer satisfaction through principled service.
3. Work Ethic:We approach work with seriousness and dedication.
4. Accountability:We take responsibility and ensure results.
5. Market Resilience:We remain strong and engaged in all market conditions.
6. Adaptability:We excel in success and overcome challenges.
7. Ethical Employment:We value integrity and talent in our team.
8. Merit-Based Compensation:Performance directly impacts compensation.
9. Continuous Learning: We believe in ongoing growth and development.
10. Meritocratic Promotion:Advancement is based on performance excellence.
11. Resource Conservation:We prioritize avoiding waste.
12. Strategic Investment:Resources are strategically allocated.
13. Mission-Driven Marketing:Our focus extends beyond profit to fulfilling a mission.
14. Competitive Strategy:We leverage our strengths to stand out.
15. Strategic Development:Our efforts are focused on achieving strategic goals.
16. Commitment to Purpose:We are dedicated to spreading love and purpose.

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